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Our Story

Hi there! Welcome to All About Snouts. 

I have had pets in my life for as long as I can remember. There are almost no memories of my childhood where we didn’t have 1 or 2 dogs, a cat and a bird. Later on, in my life we added fish to the mix as well. I have experience with all sizes of dogs, inside and outside cats, kittens and puppies as well as the beloved senior pets. I have lived thru the passing of those amazing animals that took a piece of my heart with them when they crossed that rainbow bridge, and I have lived thru the puppy and kitten stages. My pets are not just pets they are part of my family. They are my comic relief, my cuddle buddies, my security system and most of all my fur babies.


For years my dream has been to have a career working with animals. Actually, for as long as I can remember. But, life happened and I ended up in corporate America. Doing these jobs that paid the bills and for the most part weren’t so bad, but that’s not who I am! Often I found myself saying things like one day I am going to work with animals, or if I hit the lotto I am going to start this kind of rescue… Well in 2017 I decided to stop talking and start doing .


 All About Snouts pet store and blog was started. I get to work with animals and provide products that are the best possible that I can find. I also get to write about all kinds of fun, silly goofy things that animals do, and spread informative information to help you with your fur babies.


All About Snouts is an online store designed to make your life easier and your pets healthier and happier. Our goal is to offer as much Made in the USA products as we can and premium healthy food, treats and toys that can be sent directly to your door. No more wading thru people or store hours to deal with. Get the products you want when you want them!

Along with the store side of things All About Snouts is partnering with animal rescue sites around the US to help find homes for all the homeless animals. We will have a reference guide to multiple rescue sites along with reviews and testimonials. Plus, we will be working with them to feature an adoptable pet of the week on our page. See, all of our animals are from shelters and all future animals will always be from shelters. They know they were given a second chance at life and are amazingly loyal and lovable animals because of that.


Send us a message with your adoptable pet stories and photos and we will post them on our page.

I hope you love All About Snouts site and our blog! Share it and like it if you do! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter @allaboutsnouts. I hope you enjoyed this tiny little snap shot into my life. If I can help make your day a little bit better or easier than I am doing my job. Thanks for stopping by!

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